This time is the most sober for most people. Many are sad, some are depressed while others are making frantic efforts to realize in few days goals they have planned to happen in 365 days!
I personally believe a lot of mishap happens at the tail end of the year due to unrealistic expectations of people. Some others don’t even set any goals again as they have more than enough backlogs already.

Well, a proverb in my native language says ‘ Decapitation is not the cure to headache’. I don’t think you should throw both the baby and the bath water away. Let us examine few reasons why you’re not ‘scoring the goals’

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Too many: It’s good to juggle a number of balls, but when they get too much, you’d lose your sense of coordination. You get to hear a lot about multiple streams of income, multiple skills, and so on. You should however know how many things you think you can handle and that’s not so hard. Knowing how much you’ve handled in the past or presently will give you an idea of how much more you can take. Take time to examine your commitments before adding other things. You won’t get 25 hours a day because you have 25 more things.

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Dead stuff: I’ve said it before. Things have more weight when they are dead. Before adding to your goals or making new ones, you need to shed some weight. You have to travel light to travel far. Don’t keep dead stuff around you. It takes a high level of sensitivity to know the exact time of death, but it takes more of courage to bury it rather than resuscitating it.

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Some things, people and projects are not worth your time anymore. If you spend time with folks who are drawing you back, it’s dead stuff. If you continue with avoidable obligation that kills something in you at every contact, it’s dead stuff. Be patient, but be sensitive and courageous to know when to move on.


No time factor: When you put a deadline to it, then it’s a plan. You would only be wishing if you just think or write ( I assume you’re putting your goals on paper). Time gives you energy and impetus to stay diligent. You see, while I was into school fellowship issues, I don’t like to attend meetings that do not have definite time schedules, especially closing time. Most of the time, such meetings don’t achieve desired results. It’s the same with life. Get a stop watch.


Unrealistic expectations: there are things only God can do. Those things are not the everyday reality. Put them in a different list, not the goals you plan to achieve. I have such too. Having them is not bad. A different realm of reality achieves that for you. You only put yourself into more problem when you start writing them as personal targets you want to achieve by yourself. You don’t have a guy now and you want to get married by Next Christmas. Do you want to propose to the guy? Getting on the radar is a better thing to do. More exposure, volunteering, attending more social gatherings look more like it. You don’t have a job and you want to buy a house. Only lottery experts try that! In life, we take the steps and expect the spikes. The steps are left to you, the spikes are beyond you.

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Disjointed goals: Your life needs a central theme, goals are easier to write and achieve that way. You really have to think. All the jigsaw pieces should fit into a big picture. When working on a picture puzzle, you have an end point in mind- a specific picture. It could be a house, a woman or a lion. Imagine your pieces are fragments of all three on the same board. This is a major reason why people get drained in life. All segmental goals must fit in a central one. Finances, mental development, marriage, physical fitness, relationships and so on should fit into the central theme of your life.
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I believe I’ve helped you to fine tune a few things about your goals. Don’t be discouraged, tweak them a little with these things in mind and you would happy you did.
Cheers to better seasons ahead!



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