Faith Taiwo


Scars of leadership

A leader who has never experienced pain would be insensitive to the needs of the led. Whatever he says will feel like toxic rules for the head and not principles for the heart. Am I telling you to get hurt more so you can lead more or paint “super stories” of you that never existed? No! That


Who does the dirty job?

Our fathers told us “run from the world”, we kept running. The “world” found out we’re running from them. So, they started running towards us. They’re seriously running, we’re seriously running too! Face it: “the world” has caught up with us, let’s be honest. Here is a solution: Let’s build more schools were only things about


Woman in garden

My dear friend, you know how many days and months of toasting before it took you to win that lady. Now she’s with you and you suddenly stopped pursuing after her. I learnt you are trying to take a ‘new territory’ too. See, even if you’re dating miss world, chances are you’d meet more beautiful