Can We See Your Scar?

A leader who has never experienced pain would be insensitive to the needs of the led. Whatever he says will feel like toxic rules for the head and not principles for the heart. Am I telling you to get hurt more so you can lead more or paint “super stories” of you that never existed? No! That would be deception. I’m saying don’t graduate out of your “pain class” without learning the lessons and applying them to life. I’m saying show people your scars if it’s truly healed. That’s the only way they can believe you got hurt in the first place.  That’s the only way they can think that the items of your first aid box are authentic.

Now, there’s a twist to this.

You can’t experience every pain in life; it’s simply impossible. You can’t get raped, abused, insulted, betrayed, wounded, lied against, disappointed, bankrupt, rejected all at the same time. You’d be dead! But life’s curveballs have about the same effect – PAIN. The principles you learnt in one type can help in another. Patriarchs of old had their stories. Easter is a story line of another who really felt pain – Christ our Redeemer. Learn from Him. He qualifies as our high priest because he experienced real pain – physical, emotional, spiritual, name it.

That’s why he’s touched by the feelings of our infirmities.  And he was not ashamed to reveal his scar to Thomas. The disciples believed and you consequently believed because he didn’t remain a ghost or some 3D illusion. He rose from the dead, BUT with the scars on his palms. Showing your scar is never easy, but sometimes it’s inevitable. That’s what great leaders do. If you have not been bonding with your team, maybe you’re just another Superman. And that only happens in movies. Let them see your scar.




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