Dear CEO,

I have been concerned about your company and a host of others for a while now. I have seen the giant strides you are taking to make the company great, satisfy clients and create a good working environment for your staff. I however have some observations to make as someone looking from a distance.

Many times, one of the things on your mind when employing anyone is what value the prospective employee intends to add to the company. However you should also ask: ‘what value will my company add to this individual?’.

The first question would probably give you an employee with the best skills set. The second tells you how much loyalty to expect from your employee. Looking closely, I think you should take the second very seriously.

Value comes in different forms. Your paycheck is just one of them. Click To TweetThe value you provide should be an aggregate of many things based on real needs. Your company is not meant to solve all of your employee’s problems. You would however have more commitment if the company either directly solves some or engenders an environment that provides reasonable solutions.In the long run, people naturally gravitate to places that satisify most of their needs Click To Tweet

In the long run, people naturally gravitate to places that satisify most of their needs, not necessarily places with the highest pay checks. They want an environment that gives them a sense of belonging and security. They need a place that serves as a launchpad in realizing their goals and aspirations. They need a system that sees them as assets and not consumables.

People need a system that sees them as assets, not consumables Click To Tweet

Here is the truth. You really don’t have to break a bank to meet a lot of these needs. You just need some more effort. A little tweaking here and there might save you a lot of money.

So am I writing this for the sake of your employees alone? No!

This is for your organization. You would save more money, have a happier staff and build a lasting organization.

If you would not mind, I’d be explaining the composites that make the whole subsequently on this blog. It would be worth your time.

I hope you’d join me.




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