Well, the last time, I wrote about moving on with life’s new phases and I believe some things have been laid on your heart.
For emphasis, I’m saying again, please move on.
Your ultimate, absolute and lifelong loyalty is to God alone.
Transferring this sacred brand of loyalty to any mortal or system is idolatry and that will stop you from entering new territories.
Your ultimate, absolute, and lifelong loyalty is to God alone. Click To Tweet


Now, I have observed a trend with people in these transitional scenarios which I think is unsafe for you.

I’ve seen people assassinate the character of people,groups or systems that they left. I’m ashamed to admit that I did that before too, I had to correct myself.
No matter how defective a system or an individual that added to you is or becomes, please remember that you’re a product of that system.
If you would be honest, those relationships added something to you. In many cases, their net increase to your life is more than the defects you discovered.
If that’s not true, you wouldn’t be there in this first place.
When we commit this error, it’s like breaking the lower rungs of a ladder that brought you up simply because you think you’re only going in the forward direction.
Let me say this and keep this in mind always: the lower rungs give stability and balance while the unexplored rungs give progress.
You need both.
When you assassinate the character of people on a “rightful” basis of one or more mistakes that they made, you gradually decimate the power of the positive influence they had on your life too.
Another result of this is that you remove the spiritual cover over your life and become prone to adverse effects of the verbal murder committed.
The third effect is that you close real doors for new relationships.
No wise system would admit into its sensitive zone a man who slanders a system that helped him.
They simply think you’d do the same to them.
So, my candid advice is this.

Be faithful

Stay faithful by helping out when they call on you, being responsible in the way you can afford, praying for them from your heart.

Be appropriately loyal

Affirm the positives of systems that helped in the past and try as much as you can NEVER to damage the image of such systems
A leader I admire is Christ.
He spoke against the old testament folks ONLY when they stood in his way.
He read their writings when he was younger.
He read their books! The Spirit did not pack those things into his brain!(I wish I could explain further).
You hear things like “I’ve come to fulfill the law, not abolish it…. go and show yourself to the priest…..give what is Caesar’s to Caesar… and so on”
For every time he spoke against the status quo, there was a greater good he was pursuing e.g. healing on the sabbath, taking care of your parents instead of dedicating their allocation to “the Lord” and so on.

No wise system would admit into its sensitive zone a man who slanders a system that helped him. They simply think you'd do the same to them. Click To Tweet
The other side to appropriate loyalty is this: don’t be found loitering around past provinces. Be there when you’re there; mind your business when you are not.
Please remember, your ladder is balancing on the ground because the lower rungs are still intact.
Don’t damage them with your mouth.