“A Great Change since I Met the Lord….”

My Advice to Denominational Leaders

Believers who got born again in the early ’80s know the song very well. I think I know the song too though I wasn’t even on this planet then. Well, I was thinking about this song and the demanded implications of it from new converts and I got a little disturbed.

You see, I think the change here was informed by three main factors and here are they:

Zeal (and sometimes overzealousness)

You know this feeling when you arrive at your work place on your first day at 7.10am instead of few minutes before 8:00am (the normal resumption time) just because you just got the job? I think about the same thing happens here too. People make promises and so on only to find out those things were just honeymoon feelings. I listened to a minister who gave all his assets for this reason. Add your your own honeymoon story…

Communal conformity

The new converts then (and even now) thought for them to become properly born again, they had to completely look like the older believers. This is fine. Where the problem began is where they literally copy everything; good, bad, neutral, general and specific modalities. People threw their jewelries away because the communal unwritten law was against it only to discover the real truth later. Others believed in being poor. Some others never lodged in hotels when they travelled and so on. I can’t mention many other things here. Ask older believers, they’d tell you more. But then, there were good parts to it such as modesty, honest dealings at work and so on.

Spirit induced change

This was/is the real thing. Here the Holy Spirit through the word and his leading changed (and still changes) people from inside out to produce real results. People experienced godly sorrow rather than guilt with phenomenal sequelae.

The Holy Spirit changes people from inside out to produce real results. Click To Tweet

Why did I go through all of this?

I think believers should step down the habit of enforcing communal conformity on people(they would take care of the honeymoon after a while). Teach them the word, pray for them, instruct them and allow the Spirit to do His work if you don’t want a bunch of pretenders (I was one, I know what I’m saying).

Some of these things misinform their tender conscience and makes denominational idiosyncrasies the main data source instead of the Holy Spirit through the word. The effect of this is that they see other believers as foreign and that’s a subtle agenda of the enemy. Religious sorcery takes over when we worship structures than God.

Let’s respect structures but worship God. Let’s relieve people of the burden of throttling dogmas. Let Sabbath be for the man and not man for the Sabbath. If the led in any arena cannot keep living a consistent life in climes where the structures that once regulated are put away, chances are that Pharisees are being bred. And I believe God is more interested in what we are especially when all barriers are cleared for that is who we really are.

I rest my case.



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    I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I certainly liked reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the posts coming. I loved it!

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