Dear man,

I am writing this small piece to thank you for being a wonderful soul this year. I must say that it has been the toughest year to be psychologically stable especially when the financial tides have been turbulent.

I knew you almost lost your mind when different calls came in, all one week. It was too much to take in. Loss of a contract, aged parents falling ill, a close relative getting diagnosed of a terminal disease, some unforeseen expenditure.

Yet you remained stable.

Your innocent wife, oblivious of the events that unfolded started throwing tantrums at home about the bills and her trip to Dubai that you’re yet to pay for. Her tantrums used to be romantic medley in your ears, but not that day! Not at all!

You almost blew up. You thought she was so insensitive, yet she didn’t know. But then, you kept your calm.
Some days after, your warm blooded son smashed your car in a head-on collision. It wasn’t funny. “Where would I get the cash to fix this mess”, you wondered. You’ve not been paid in months. Your application for loan fell through too. Yet you were hopeful, believing for the best.
Thank you so much.

There were times you got to church, and the pastor asked people to sow for an ongoing project. You couldn’t hide because you were a public figure. Your work has been so demanding. Stress took its own toll. Your body demanded its due.
What an amazing man you are!

Thanks for being a blessing to your wife and kids. Your son actually thinks you’re a Superman! If only he saw your break down in tears last night. Supermen cry too.
Thanks for being a pillar, a shoulder to cry on. Your wife’s tears has drenched your shirt a couple of times, especially when she had a miscarriage.
Thanks for being a good father to those adorable kids who are always breaking things at home.
Thanks a lot!

Thanks for not giving in to the potential mistress. Thanks for not violating your spouse’s trust. I think you should add Fidelis to your names!

On behalf of the league of knights, here’s saying thank you for being a faithful Knight. You have made us all proud.
It wasn’t easy being a man this year, yet you have remained one.




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