I believe the men owe it a sacred responsibility to their families to know sound doctrine, dissect it from dogma and bias, and teach them.

It’s time for MEN everywhere to lift holy hands and PRAY too!

It is not cheap but it’s worth it.

The reason why there’s so much doctrinal confusion in the body today is because somehow, in our noble pursuit of bread, we abdicated the role of labour in the word primarily to the pastors and prayer to the women in our lives.

And since the men of God are humans just like us, they’re not infallible, and they’ve got families cater to!

The women and children are at the mercy of whims of some other “men of God”…..don’t misunderstand me,there are real shepherds..

Some wolves in pastor’s clothing have preyed on their vulnerability

Some have been raped, misled, possessed by demons as they go from place to place finding solutions to “first aid” problems that the men in their lives would have sorted out easily.

I feel so terrible about this trend and IT MUST STOP if we’d have healthy communities.

On a final note, I believe that when Scripture talks about a man providing for his house (without which he is tagged an infidel), it is a provision of a whole bread – physical, spiritual and emotional (and that in no definite order, the three are equally important).

Oh that I may be a man indeed!





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