I happen to be a medical intern with a very hectic schedule. The part I dread a lot is the weekend call duty. This is my reason: the weekend call demands that you be at the emergency room from Saturday morning till Monday morning. You may have the luxury of changing your clothes and cleaning up on Sunday morning, but sometimes, it could be so busy that you won’t have that time. The more challenging part is that you’d have to go to work from there with only few minutes to have your bath and resume in your statutory unit. In the long run, your real rest only happens on Monday evening; after the day’s work.

Believe me, no doctor really likes to be on weekend call.

The weekend call sometimes makes me restless when it’s over, such that it becomes difficult to sleep afterwards and the only way out is to have a shower. But then, you’re so tired to close your eyes or drag your lazy body to the bathroom! (If you do such marathon work, you might have an idea of the level of restlessness and fatigue I’m talking about.)

 Now, here’s my analogy

One of those days, I had to call my lady when I could neither sleep nor enter the bathroom. I could have stayed on my bed restless but her persuasion won’t allow. Oh boy, I had to shower ni o! You know that feeling when someone you’re in love with starts saying “Baby please! ” on the phone (winks). You will just start obeying with any further ado. In that state she is said to have your “mumu button” or “password”. Please look well before you give your password to anyone. Love no dey blind o.

 This is the crux of my meditation.

Love and chemistry sometimes makes you do things that you wouldn't normally do. Click To Tweet When Christ was saying that “If you love me, you would keep my commandments..”, I think his emphasis was not on keeping his commandment. The emphasis was on loving him passionately.

If our love for humans makes their suggestions sound like computer commands in our ears, then loving God can take the same dimension too!

My candid advice? When next you find yourself struggling to obey God, just pray that He sheds his love abroad in your heart by His spirit.

Or better still? Tell Him to have your MUMU BUTTON!



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