I got home from a wedding of a close friend of mine when a woman started praying for me. “We will all gather to celebrate yours too in a big way”. I didn’t know whether to say a heartfelt amen or a halfhearted one. Out of respect, I said amen and left quietly.

Thoughts came to me. Did this woman know how much my friend coughed out? Does she have an idea of how much he had to pay after the wedding? Thank goodness this my good friend had put his house in order. He’d have regretted the expenses in a huge way.

That’s where my hatred for the pressure society puts on young folks about the size of weddings started. I have seen people get themselves into financial suicide all in the name of getting married.

Young folks too are finding their way around it. They stay unmarried! The lady loves the guy, the guy loves the lady, they want a life together, but there’s this mountain before them – naija wedding!

The economy doesn’t help in anyway too. People have to go the extra mile to secure good jobs. Some have siblings to pay their way through school. Aged parents have health challenges to be sorted out. There’s career to advance and loads of unforseen contingencies. ‘So why should I get myself killed trying to get married?’ a young person would ask.

What gets to me more is when you ask people why they do all these, they reply ‘it’s the culture’! Can’t culture be modified? Is culture here to snuff life out of people?

You see, I don’t have a problem with big weddings. If you have the wherewithal to fund it, by all means go ahead. My concern is that the society should stop putting undue pressure on people. Getting married is as simple as getting the blessings of authorized people and starting a life. Getting married is as simple as getting the blessings of authorized people and starting a life. Click To TweetThe scenery that colors the event is just to embellish it. It’s not the core!

There’s the marriage that starts after the wedding, and that has it’s own demands. Help people to start a good life. What’s the sense in building a fancy gate with no structure on the land?

Sincere young people have a lot on their minds. Stop tagging them as irresponsible because they’re unmarried. Marriage in itself is not a compulsory thing. If you can’t help people, please leave them alone. There are lots of things that people need to clarify, marriage will only worsen the situation if those things are not sorted out.

Dear family, friends, well wishers, and partners, societal preformed view of a wedding and it’s surrounding events is a needless mountain. Please roll the stone away!



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