My father has some interest in real estate. Occasionally as he drives through town, he tells me the cost of different properties, both plain lands and buildings. The worth of those properties does not really surprise me as much as the disparity in cost.

Some of those properties are small, yet they cost a lot. Others are fairly big, but don’t as much. One major factor that affects the worth of many properties is the location. A land can appreciate and be valued at ten times the initial price in so short a time due to the development that happens in the area in which it is located.

A property’s appraised value is relative to the buildings around it. Click To Tweet

Humans are similar to landed properties, we are just mobile. So let me tweak my previous statement a little bit.

A man’s worth is relative to those around him.

So, I believe you get my drift. The folks around you are important. So, you really need to do a careful audit. You may be a good man, but if you are with the wrong company, you would keep repelling good things. Dear lady, have been wondering why only players have been showing up as suitors? Check your friends!

Dear friend, it’s time to leverage on your mobility. That’s your access to a better life. Move!

I’ve had to take such hard calls in my life. It felt brutal to folks. It was uncomfortable for me too, but it has made a phenomenal impact on my life. Staying in toxic relationships will never help you or the other party. Sometimes, relocation is the signal they need to audit their lives too!

If there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it is that I am a mobile asset. Click To Tweet





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