Try as much as possible to live in “tents”-as a sojourner through the phases of life.

This is what I mean. We will move through phases of our life. They are in steps (short distance strides), and leaps (long distance or high altitude motions). Every new territory has occupants, some of them are illegal (either because they should have moved too or they are round pegs in square holes who broke ranks to occupy the wrong positions).
So every new space you are about to enter occupies “matter”. You would need energy to dislodge them.


This is however the crux of my meditation today:

Your present space has associations, people, and systems. Very painfully I must admit that you might have to break some bonds at some time. Please, don’t create too strong a bond with people and systems that you burn energy meant for moving to the next phase on breaking bonds. This is where heartbreaks, bitterness and “apparent treachery” happens. Your present associates will misinterpret God’s work in your life as treason. I’ve heard things like “with all I did for him, he just went to another company. I fed him, I clothed him!…..after all I did, he still left…” and so on.

In other cases, some other people, because of the emotional energy cost they need to move on, have failed to do so because they don’t like to offend people. They are being sincere, but sometimes, one can be sincerely wrong.
This is why I am writing this before you plunge into commitments and promise them your whole life. We must understand that we are sojourners in life. The only entity we can safely owe a lifelong, ultimate, and absolute loyalty to is God. Believe me, if you commit your life to God, He’d give you emotional intelligence to handle relationships in your life.

It's not in your power to promise someone, 'I'd be with you for life.' Only God can decide that. Click To Tweet

So, let me conclude before my soft ink bleeds out.

Recognize the people and systems in your life. They are there for variable amounts of time. Some are short, some a little longer and others might be “till death do us part”.

Be discerning enough to know for how long and channel the appropriate units of energy to them.
Let me share a scripture that thrills me. It’s Acts 17.26

Please, read carefully:

And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined the PRE-APPOINTED TIMES AND BOUNDARIES OF THEIR HABITATION.

Remember, if you remain, you might become an illegal occupant too. I said that earlier.

On a lighter note, you can’t remain a room mate to your best friend when he gets married.

If you don’t check out by yourself, someone else will.

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