So, Who Does The “Dirty” Jobs

Our fathers told us “run from the world”, we kept running. The “world” found out we’re running from them.
So, they started running towards us. They’re seriously running, we’re seriously running too!

Face it: “the world” has caught up with us, let’s be honest.

Here is a solution:

Let’s build more schools were only things about God are taught and make sure our children do not go to any other school.

Let’s build companies where everyone is morally upright and send our children there so they can get employed without mixing with the “world”.

Let’s teach our children how to sew fabrics in medium scale (for them and others in the area) so they won’t wear worldly and seductive things.

Let’s build estates with no doping clubs and “asawo” joints.

Let’s create our own social media… call it “Gospel book”.

Let’s buy cable networks where there are no erotic views and watch that all day.

Let’s make maximum security prisons for offenders (for thou shalt cast them out of the camp… my version o).

Let’s not get into politics, it’s a dirty game.

Let’s keep writing gospel songs and praising the Lord!

After all, all secular music is badt! (even when una parents sabi old but sane records from Ebenezer Obey and you sef sabi Ojuelegba, Na God Win and so on)

Fashion industry is a no go area, they’re too corrupt.


It’s not going to happen!

Let’s stop running, if you outrun them, your children might not. Church work is not the only ministry. Get in there, and do something for God. I’m not against your public preaching as far as it does not negate the policies of the system. But more than that, live a life that generates enviable results. When they see you shining, they’d ask you, “Ore, how are you doing it?!”

Even God will be proud of you when you lead them to Him at that point (sometimes we harden people’s hearts when we preach to others and nothing is working in our own lives).

My conclusion: the world is a system, not a people. When you’re excellent, the system will call for you. That way, it would be easy to show them your Source.

Here’s a warning: Before you start your journey, be prepared. Feed fat and feed deep.  That’s the only way you won’t deny Him when Nebuchadnezzar tells you to bow to his idol.

I rest my case.




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