Last time, I started a series on lessons I learnt from the steeplechase exams back in school. As I said before, it was an exam where many of us were put in a large room with different spots or stations that had questions in them. You had a specific time before the bell goes and you all move to the next station. I also said that there were intervening rest stations that had no questions. In such stations, you could reflect on what you’ve done so far. The main thing I emphasized was this: enjoy the station while you have time.

Today, here’s my contemplation.

How much sense does it make to find out that you’re in another station with a question to answer, yet you keep thinking about the station you left or one which you’re about to move to?

You see, life will always present you with different seasons, one at a time. It’s called the present. The past is past. The future is ahead. Stop spying at your previous station and stop worrying about the next.

Whether you like it or not, your past is gone. Though you might have a scar or trophy from the past, it’s over! Face it!  You were occupying a privileged position before, and now you’ve been moved. It’s over. Deal with it!

Stop checking on your ex every now and then. He’s gone! She  left! Stop singing the “good old days” song. I know you had a nice time, but then, stop rewinding the tape.

And if the previous station wasn’t so good for you, leave the memories alone. Make the best of now. Make it better.

The past is past. Don’t lose on two ends. The only compensation you have for a bad past is this blank cheque before you called the present. Click To Tweet What you do with it is up to you.

Stop whining over your scar. Quit romancing your trophy. Click To Tweet Answer the question before you. Soon the present would be history too.

I wish you the very best in life.



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