My medical school days had a phenomenal effect on me. I wasn’t the best in my class, but I learnt a lot about life in those 6 years.


We had a format of examination called steeplechase and in this format, you are put in a large room or hospital ward with many stations. Each station had questions for you to answer and there were rest stations at regular intervals, maybe after every 10th station for instance. In the rest stations you don’t have questions. You can stay and take some recess to prepare for the next.


I think life has about the same scenario and we’re all in a “steeplechase” with phases or “active stations” and intervening “rest stations” and we need to make sure the steeplechase is worth it.


A fundamental lesson I’ve learnt is this: Enjoy every station while it lasts. Truth is, just like the steeplechase exam, you’d only be there for a while. The alarm would go off and you have questions before you to answer. Before you say Jack Robinson, another station is before you. So, ENJOY IT!


Stop lamenting. Have fun. It would soon be another phase with another riddle. If you’re in school, read your books, go to class and have plenty of fun. Don’t just read alone. Do some other things. Be part of things that will help you. If you don’t have a job, get a job for your life and do things that having a formal job won’t allow you to do( I had some fun during my jobless days)


If you’re single, enjoy your singleness and stop looking for a rib that is not missing or “better half”. You’re not half, OK?! Take more time developing yourself. Dine with more of reality and less of telemundo. Prince charming will find you. The babe is around the corner!


And when you have a partner, stop salivating over a station that’s not yours. Have fun with your partner. Do life together. Water your grass. The other grass you're winking at could just be a green carpet. Click To Tweet


Enjoy every phase of life. Learn the lessons. Engage actively with people that every phase presents with integrity of heart. Let them have something good to remember about you. While you’re waiting for your fantasy, make this moment a fantasy. What you call a fantasy might not appeal so much to you when it comes!


Life is a steeplechase. The bell would soon go off. Click To Tweet. You would soon be in another “station”. Make the best use of the present. HAVE FUN!


I wish you the very best life has to offer.


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