The glue pad

Last night was hectic. Very hectic!
One silly rat woke me up every hour as it nibbled on my wooden door because it was trapped in my room.
The moment I came back from a meeting and saw my door open, I knew the night won’t be funny. And it wasn’t.
Three times I woke pursuing this naughty thing, all to no avail. Believe me, I was exhausted.
Then I remembered that I bought two glue pads made for rats. But then, the last rat I tried the trick with simply ate my fried meat and walked away. It was that big!
I wouldn’t give up. So, I took another piece of meat, praying to the good Lord to help me with this tiny monster. Moreover, it’s a smaller rat this time.
I went back to sleep only to hear the monster begging for its dear life on my glue pad.
Aha, it worked!
I stood with the rod of judgement in my hand and sent the rat into the great beyond.

Here’s my contemplation today.

In the final moments of the rat on my pad, I discovered something.
The more it struggled, the more it got stuck. I identified with the rat that moment.
The way temptations are engineered, the more you struggle the worse into the mess you get. Be it money, sex, fame, addiction, or temper bouts.
Our fathers were more conservative so they advised “stay the hell away from the pad!”. The new generation folks have a different opinion. They’d tell you “Buddy, almost every floor has a glue pad. You’d have to tiptoe all your life if you keep avoiding gluepads. Why not remove the hair on your skin that makes your skin adherent to the glue? Let grace change you into a hairless rat.”
I think both generations are right.
Grace does both.
It teaches you to steer clear of the pad. It also changes you into a hairless rat.
If I were you, I’d go for both.

You may ask me: “Can’t I be the bigger rat?”
I’d tell you; “there are bigger pads”



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