There are many times I have been discouraged about a lot of things. Divers kinds of frustrations happen when I discover I’m not able to do something, change something or meet a deadline. The pressure gets worse especially when I see my contemporaries far ahead of me and that continued until I brought myself to learn something vital.

The advent of a new season is a signal for a fresh start. Click To Tweet

You see, one of the blessings we have today is that we have time in segments – minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. This is for a reason. New seasons always show up and you should take advantage of it.

Train your mind to start again when you see a new season. Failing at something simply means night has come. A new minute, hour, day, or year means you’ve got another chance. Thankfully you would keep getting new chances till you take your last breath.

Don’t waste your failures. Don’t play with the nights. Don't allow the pain to go without extracting the juice. Click To Tweet Ask yourself where you got it wrong. Seek help from others who have the capacity. Make adjustments where necessary and face the next available season with optimism.

If you stay sensitive after you’ve failed at something and look closely, you would most likely get where you are missing it. Do a comprehensive audit of the situation and move.

So where did you miss it? An exam, some interviews, vital relationships, your marriage, changing a longstanding habit?

Tell yourself, ‘This is my night, I’ve got another chance’. Don’t let a new season meet you still lamenting. Learn and go with the next flight.

Until you get up, your day never comes. Click To Tweet Don’t make the night linger for too long.

From my heart, I wish you the best season you’ve had so far.




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