Uneasy lies the hand


2 months into my surgical posting rotation, I got into the theatre suite after changing into my scrubs. Right inside was my consultant who happened to like me very much.

He handed me the knife and said “Taiwo, you’d be removing this breast lump today”

I was partly shocked and partly excited as the glistening thing was placed in my trembling hands.

One step after the other, under his supervision (though with some rookie brand mistakes ), I finally removed a tumour!

Wow, I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my babe on the phone!
I savour that moment till now.


But then, I learnt something; assisting surgeries and performing one are different ball games entirely. That simple fact changed my perspective. I developed a new sense of respect for leaders.


Believe me, if you’ve never held the knife, it would be better to watch closely and pray that when it’s your turn you don’t meet a bleeding vessel.

Let people who hold the knife in different facets gain your respect.

That aged man paying your way through school in times like this may have other bad traits but then he’s been holding the knife.

That single mum might have her temper issues but she’s been holding the knife, clothing you since 18th century.

That clergy might have his excesses, but then, he’s been holding the knife for you in prayers while you were busy cuddling your succulent bed.

That young man might not be as romantic, but he’s been holding the knife, making you happy despite his many commitments.

That your wife might not be like the “hour glass” endowed secretary with sexy lips that you’ve been tempted to touch (but for your church mind), but she’s been stabilizing your life and caring for those gorgeous kids!

Our dear president has been holding many knives you’d never know you get into students’ politics for starters.


In all honesty, you may never know what it takes to hold the knife, until you’re handed one.

Never treat any ‘surgeon’ with contempt, his license was on the line every time he held the knife.


I often hear this saying: “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”.


It won’t hurt to say “uneasy lies the hand that holds the knife”





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