Hey babe


I’ve been seeing recent campaigns for slaying. Slay queens, slay babes, slay mommas and grand mommas.

Everyone one is busy slaying and you joined the campaign too. Yet you keep asking me why your man is not staying around. Maybe he’s been slain! Only standing men stay around. Click To Tweet


Let’s get serious.

You see, a man was wired to be stimulated visually but the connections that emerge from those triggers are flimsy. If the cardinal things are man loves about you are your slaying gadgets, he's probably going to get new ones eventually. Click To Tweet You know how many times you’ve changed your mobile phone? No matter how conservative you seem to be, I can guarantee the phone in your hand is not the first you’re using.

And believe me, men can be more adventurous as far as gadgets are concerned.


One thing you need to know is that you’re a tripartite being. You are a spirit, you have a soul and live in a body. Spiritual connections are the strongest, soulish connections are next and physical ones are the weakest.


And though it’s fine to look gorgeous, do well to make your connections at deeper levels. Let him fall in love with who you are before what you have. Click To TweetLet your amazing body be the spice, not the chicken.

How would you feel if you went for a dinner and all that was placed before you was ketchups, sauce, and salad cream? No chicken, no chips.


So if you really want a man that will stay irrespective of your slay status. This is the way to go.


So you ask me. When should I slay him?

Well, when you’ve done the above.

When you’ve completed the paperwork in court or before your cleric.

When you have his ring in the right finger.

Then, get him slain!


I wish you well. Cheers!





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